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Friday, 20 May 2016

A reading

What can I do to create calm and reduce panic through this process? What ideas should I dismiss? What ideas should I embrace? What actions should I take? What actions should I NOT take? 

To create calm - Queen of Wands
The Queen of Wands believes things are possible, and like the King of Wands, is not necessarily that bothered by the details of how to get there. Someone else can deal with those, as long things are moving toward the goal. She has an overall vision and that is what is most important. She does not micromanage. She is also enthusiastic and looks on the positive side of events. Her gaze here is turned toward the 6 of Wands. She focuses her attention on the rewards of a positive outcome. In addition, the Queen of Wands shares out her enthusiasm to a variety of projects, does not focus on just one thing. The advice, then, is to identify what end result I want from this process and keep that ultimate goal in mind, allowing others the freedom to do what it takes to make that happen. And do OTHER things, too!

To reduce panic - 6 of Wands
Celebrate each achievement along the way. Focus on the good things that are happening at each step, and keep the ultimate triumphant outcome in mind.  Each thing that occurs is one step closer to the final goal. It's the outcome that counts.

Dismiss this idea - 6 of Cups 
The person you thought of as a child is not a child. Dismiss the idea that this person is naive and unrealistic. This person is fully capable and does not need you as a babysitter. 

Embrace this idea - The Chariot
Movement. This process will unfold if I let it. 'Without your turning it, the earth will spin,' as Eliza Doolittle says to Henry Higgins. Let the Chariot proceed. 

Take this action - The Emperor
Let the man do it. (The card spoke to me in those exact words, I hear it and I'm taking that message.)

Avoid this action - 4 of Swords 
Do not ruminate on things. This is not the time for contemplation or meditation -- that way leads to overthinking and stagnation. 

In summary, I am advised that to create calm and avoid panic in this process, I should keep a positive outlook as the process moves toward my ultimate goal. I should keep my energy fixed on the good outcome of the entire process rather than trying to micromanage every individual step along the way. And I should turn my attention to more than just this project -- I should put energy and enthusiasm into other things. I should see the capabilities of some I may have previously seen as not up to the task, and look for the overall forward momentum of the process. And finally -- avoid inaction. Get up and do something Queen of Wandsy. 

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