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Monday, 2 May 2016

Is this the house for us?

Can you believe it, there's a house we like!

Hubby's questions:

Is it structurally sound? 
What are the neighbours like? 
What will parking be like? 
Will we be peaceful and comfortable there? 

My questions:

What do we need to know that the seller may not be telling us?
How much work will we have to do to it after we move in? 
What is day to day life in the neighborhood really like? 
Is this the right house for us? 

And I drew:

Now I'd trust a survey over a tarot card reading, but 8 of Swords for "Is it structurally sound?" does bring you up a bit short. At the very least, it reminds me that an intellectual assessment of the situation is going to be better than an emotional one. I drew another card to clarify and got Ace of Swords! So yes, I believe the card is telling me to be sure to get a good survey done, because my own assessment will not be worth much.

Looks like the neighbours are good folk who also want to be happy, so that's good.

For parking we've got a guy looking at wide open spaces, so perhaps this means parking will be available, though maybe not three steps from the door!

9 of Wands for "Will we be peaceful and comfortable there?" Well, home ownership has challenges, and it will be a learning curve for us for sure. So I drew a clarifier and got 9 of Cups -- two nines! and this one shows it will be an emotionally fulfilling situation, even though it has challenges.

The seller may not be telling us something about a struggle they've overcome, and they might even be moving to get away from it, but as long as they've sorted it out before they left, that shouldn't be too bad. We can but hope that the survey will pick up whatever it is.

After we move in, it looks like the house will mainly need routine maintenance and responsible home ownership. It is after all, over 100 years old.

Day to day life in the neighbourhood is represented by 3 of Cups, so while it is generally happy, it may be a bit boisterous perhaps? I suppose living in a house may entail more interactions with our neighbours than we're used to? I'm hoping it doesn't mean drunken carousers up and down the street all night!

Is this the right house for us? 6 of Pentacles. It is the right house for us as far as balancing our finances, for sure. Being recently updated, all things up to code, and more or less completely redone on the inside, it sits comfortably in our budget.

If we make an offer on this house, will it be accepted? - 9 of Pentacles


The house opens straight onto the street, what if any problems is this going to present?  - Knight of Pentacles - 8 of Pentacles - Chariot -- Cars getting in and out for work? Though it may also suggest planning to build a little vestibule in the front room (but I don't know how the Chariot works into that one!)

How easy will it be to resell if we decide to move? -- 8 of Pentacles - Hanged Man - Wheel of Fortune -- Maybe not that easy, but it's a crap shoot. 8 of Pentacles turns up again, I see.

Should we buy this house? Or should we wait and keep looking? 9 of Wands for buying, 5 of Wands for wait and keep looking. Neither one seems much better than the other, does it? If we buy we may wonder if we've done the right thing, if we keep looking we're in a competitive market...

It's a good thing I don't make big life decisions based on a tarot card reading -- and I don't recommend that anyone should!


  1. Ooh, I like the Three of Cups for what life is really like there - supportive, with neighbours who are happy to lend you a cup of flour if you need it :)

  2. The answer turned out to be a no.