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Monday, 23 May 2016

That'll learn ya, durn ya -- 9 of Wands

Do you have a card that makes you feel wary as soon as you turn it over? I guess that's a natural reaction to this card, as the figure in it certainly looks wary.

I'm hoping this is a residual effect of my very strange weekend in the world of Facebook. It all started late Friday night when a friend of mine mentioned her 'Bullet Journal' in a status update. I asked what it was and she sent me this link: bulletjournal.com. Now, I love planners and am always on the lookout for a new one to try. This system seemed streamlined and quirky and would involve buying a new blank book (because clearly the several on my shelves would never do!) I was in! I read the whole thing on the website, then watched this You Tube: How to Bullet Journal.  That was amazing! So simple and streamlined! No folderols and fuss. Completely adaptable. I liked it a lot. My friend directed me to a Facebook group called Bullet Journal Junkies. I visited, but was disheartened to see that hobby crafters had latched on to the Bullet Journal name and made it about buying loads of stickers and doing hand lettering, and not much else. Many people photographed their 'spreads' (which seemed rather a departure from the Bullet Journal concept I'd just been introduced to) and lamented their lack of time or commitment to actually filling them in. What? Okay. After looking for a group that was actually following the original method, I decided to just start one called 'Minimalist Bullet Journals.' Within 24 hours, over 500 people had joined. I was unprepared for this, I'd only just heard of the Bullet Journal concept that same day, and everyone seemed to have strong feelings about...everything. It's a dangerous proposition to jump into the middle of a fetish property, but seriously -- who knew? I quickly appointed 8 admins. By last night, there were 800 members. People were instant messaging me about 'stuff'. I decided this was all a bit too much considering all I had wanted was to chat about what amounts to a glorified 'to do' list, so I handed the reins over to the admins and withdrew from the group. That will teach me to jump in with both feet!!

So yeah, Wary Larry there has just been through some sort of wringer and now he's on the lookout. I feel ya, Larry! ;)


  1. Hilarious! Of course, the business gurus would say you should stay in and find some way to monetize your overnight success... And I quite understand why you fled for the hills :D

  2. haha, This happened to me when I first started a Tudor history page. So, guess what Bridgett did all night? THANKS CARLA! Now I want a bullet journal. Another thing to obsess about. eeek.

    1. I've been bujo-ing today. It may be not so magical.

  3. Lol!! And a very wise decision! Love the bullet journal concept a lot without the stickers and pretty pages