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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Chariot

Morgan Greer Tarot 
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I've been looking back at old blog entries a bit lately. Seems a shame for them to lie buried in my blog, never again to see the light of day. So I will probably be digging them up a bit, when I remember.

I also have dug out an old favourite deck, Morgan Greer Tarot. I've been using the PCS Commemorative a lot lately, only because it's been open and on my desk and I can't be asked to select a different one. So I've replaced it with the Morgan Greer, and that will be the one I use for a while.

As my card of the day, I hope this shows the day moving forward with all speed, getting things done and getting back home. I don't want any complications today that I can't trample over. It's one of those kind of moods today.

Hope your Tuesday goes smoothly, too!


  1. Sorry the day didn't work out the way you wanted. Still, someone was telling me recently about staying in the moment despite transport hitches ;)

    1. I was disappointed but calm and accepting.