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Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Emperor's new pants

I hardly ever draw the Emperor. He is a bit maligned, but I rather like him. To me, he represents order, structure, and civilization. He's that aspect of the Father, whereas the Magician and the Hierophant represent other aspects of the Father...

But why is he here today? He looks rather formidable.

James Ricklef to the rescue again:

'When we release our need for control and allow the Divine to be the Emperor in our lives instead, we find our way toward peace. This does not mean we should never make plans; it just means we should not worry about them. It doesn't mean we should not work toward or goals; it just means that we should do what we can and then realise that the results will unfold as they are meant to...In other words, when we try to control life here in the material world, it can be like trying to control shadows without realising where they come from' (The Soul's Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot, 26). 

How have my preparations and arrangements been controlling my life? How has this been a self-made trap? How can I become more flexible? How can I allow uncertainty and ambiguity enter my understanding of things? How can I allow 'maybe' and 'I'm not sure' into my vocabulary?

First I must allow that things that my arrangements and preparations had defined as impossible might actually be possible. This entails letting go of particular beliefs. It requires a completely new way of looking at the same issues. It involves risk -- or rather, what feels like risk, because it is outside of the boundaries of a self-imposed 'safe' area.

The Emperor doesn't like that, look at his face. But he'll just have to get glad in the same pants he got mad in.

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  1. Lol, yes, the Emperor isn't big on risk, liking to know his battles are already won. But sometimes life asks you to step outside your comfort zone. And when you do, you normally find your comfort zone changes, so the discomfort doesn't last long :)