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Saturday, 4 June 2016

6 of Wands - You again??

Morgan Greer Tarot 
Look who's back. 6 of Wands is stalking me, so I'm using Pearl Annie's stalker technique this morning.

I've shuffled 6 of Wands back into the deck and divided the pack into five piles: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit. I found the 6 of Wands the 5th card down in the Earth pile. So the area of my life where the 6 of Wands has concern is Earth, the material, physical plane.

But what is his message in the material, physical plane? Could he be telling me there's nothing victorious about blogging at 5.30 AM on four hour's sleep and the best thing I could do is go back to bed? Maybe...

I'll ask him to write me a letter, which I learned at Over the Moon Oracle Cards:

Dear Seeker,

When I show up in your readings, I'm giving you a message about THIS (Card 1). I'm showing you THIS (Card 2) is what's happening and I want you to be/feel THIS (Card 3) about it. When I appear, I'm asking you to release THIS (Card 4) and embrace THIS (Card 5). When you see me, it's time to take THIS (Card 6) action.


Tarot Card Stalker

Dear Carla

When I show up in your readings, I'm giving you a message about how your thought life traps you. I'm showing you that are focusing on the negative. You're so gloomy about stuff! I want you to be more grounded and optimistic -- explore aspects of your physical existence and world. Approach your life with the spirit of an explorer. Get back to basics. Make some new discovery. Make some mud pies, or whatever the grown up equivalent of that is. Whatever happened to those colouring books for grown-ups you bought?

When I appear, I'm asking you to release the need to be the one holding the reins and making things happen, and embrace taking a break from your whirling thoughts. Get some rest! When you see me, it's time to take quick action--move yourself from your thought life to quiet self-care, and don't waste any time about it! If you follow my advice, you'll feel more triumphant in your life. 


The 6 of Wands

So on that note, I'm going back to bed. 

See ya. 


  1. This guy has shown up reversed 3 times for me in the last month.

    1. Are you trying to put a brave face on things when really you feel less than optimistic?

    2. I'm a pessimist and have to force myself to be neutral (being optimistic is just too hard and feels fake to me). I also think for me 6WR is about avoiding feelings instead of just feeling them and being done with it / going through it. For example, as a child I was reassured a lot like this: "everything is fine, you are fine, it's all ok, think about something else if you are anxious (or scared, sad, whatever)" instead of given empathy, such as, "I see that you are sad (scared, worried, whatever). It's ok to feel that way. We all feel that way sometimes. I'm here with you and we will get through it together." The intentions were good, but the results were fear of feelings, not being able to tolerate "negative" feelings, a lot of suppressed feelings, tons of anxiety, etc.

    3. Uh huh, but are you putting a brave face on it? Or are you showing what you feel? I'd say 6 of Wands Rx is about bravado, or, as you describe, pretending everything's okay and you've 'got this', when you inside you feel the opposite. :)

    4. I think that is my entire life! I guess that card is stalking me for good reason.

  2. Ooo going to try this! Thank you Carla!

  3. I love it! :D
    So going to make a note of these two methods. Hope you enjoyed your lie-in.

    1. It was great. I didn't get up until after 9.00.