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Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Reading with TdM Chosson 1736

Tarot de Marseille Francois Chosson 1736, Yves Renaud 

Where should my energy be focused right now? 

Queen of Swords + Chariot + 9 of Coins 

From The Open Reading by Yoav Ben-Dov:

Queen of Swords = a secure and protected but static situation. Entrenching oneself in an existing position. Extreme caution, defensiveness, and avoidance of risk. Protecting oneself with sharp and rigid rationality. 

The Queen of Swords has always been my significator and the reading shows this is where my energy should be right now. There is a reason I should be closed down to anything that might shake up the status quo at the moment. I am holding the line.

Chariot = victory or achievement putting the querent in a secure and protected position (yes, the interpretations have the exact same phrase). Ambition, energy, motivation to more forward

So, the Queen of Swords plays defense in order to 'cover' the Chariot, as it makes progress toward the next card. See how they echo each other? They wear the same crown, their gaze is turned in the same direction, the red sword and the red staff 'rhyme', as do the positions of their left arm. (Though her sword leans toward what she's defending against, and his staff leans a bit toward the next card, where he's presumably headed). They are in tandem, they're on the same page!

9 of Coins = ambition, motivation and desire to carve a niche for oneself in an existing system. Courage, endurance and readiness to carry on in spite of difficulties.

The eight coins on the card represent the 'existing system', and the middle coin is me, 'carving a niche for myself'. When I consider what system I may be trying to carve my way into, particularly given the suit of this card, it's surely the housing ladder. The pips are even arranged like a ladder.

Thus it would seem I really should be focusing most of my energy to being very careful and rational as I make my way toward the buying of a house, the biggest expenditure of my life. I am not the type of person who can happily spread my energies around to many different things. That is not how I function; it stresses me out.  I do best when I have one main focus, and allow other things to blur into the background for a time.

I do wonder what the Queen of Swords and Charioteer have their gaze turned toward. What is the Queen of Swords holding the line against?

The Queen of Swords holds up her sword to defend the Chariot from Ace of Cups. Now is not the time for emotions. It is not a time for mystical aspirations or pursuing 'higher goals' (like the Holy Grail). It's not the time for seeking that sort of thing. It's now the time to protect my focus from peripheral concerns, and allow the biggest part of my force and drive to keep working toward that 9 of Coins outcome. And so have I done, and so will I continue.

How about you? What niche are you carving out, that requires some single-minded focus and rational thinking, with no room at the moment for emotion or 'Holy Grail' chasing? In what area might you need to be resolute and reasonable instead of romantic or idealistic?

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