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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hats off to the Page of Cups

Jean Dodal Tarot, Flornoy 2009
Does that look to you like what it looks like to me? Whatever it is, it has the Page of Cups' full attention in this card from Jean Dodal Tarot (Flornoy, 2009).

The Page holds the tallest cup in the Cups court. The Queen's cup has greater capacity, but the Page's cup stands taller even than the King's. It is completely golden, with no red. It's also covered over by folds of his golden cape. The Page of Cups is also one of only two court figures not wearing a head covering. The other is the Knight of Cups. In this card, the Page holds his hat in his left hand, by his side. Around his carefully styled golden curls, he wears a garland of alternating red and flesh-tone circles, probably flowers. His right hand presumably holds the cup, but it's very difficult to tell where it is. Is it the red sleeve that leads to the bottom of the cup? Or is it the flesh-coloured bit that grasps the cup just below the cloak? Could be either/or.

The Page of Cups is mostly clad in green, with touches of red on his arms and feet. He is motivated by his nature, and his movement and actions are driven by emotion. His thought processes (signified in the cap) are an even balance of natural drives and the passions of the moment.

His head being uncovered suggests vulnerability, earnestness, purity. And yet, the Page of Cups has only begun his relationship with his own inner being. The cup and its contents are of intense interest to him in this image, yet still covered from his view at this stage. They dominate his existence, but he only dimly understands them. He walks on a surface that is flesh-coloured -- his foundation is based on his responses to things, triggered by the physical reaction. He's driven by his experience of this world and his responses to it, though he doesn't quite understand either of these things.

In what ways are you naive? In what ways are you reactionary? How are you vulnerable, yet earnest and pure? What very important aspect of your life remains just out of focus for you? How do you plan to deal with this?

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  1. Very interesting look at this card. I will have to ponder it more. Thanks for sharing!