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Monday, 6 June 2016

Keeping my head above the TdM

CBD Tarot 
Lately I've felt like I ought to finally dive into the Tarot de Marseille and see if I sink or swim.  I'm taking the plunge with the CBD Tarot by Yoav Ben-Dov, guided by his book The Open Reading. I've dabbled a bit with TdM, but I've never made a deep study of it. Looking forward to it.

You'll notice the meanings are a departure from RWS. Just roll with it.

Today's card is 7 of Coins, which is given this interpretation in Ben-Dov's book:

'A new or exceptional element is well-received in an existing framework. Help and support. Nourishment and protection. Balance between individualism and conformity.'

Where does he get that, you might ask? It's from the meaning of the number 7, and from the arrangement of the coins on the card. There is one coin situated between three pairs of coins, and enclosed by vines 'in a way that expresses protection and support'. So I assume that the querent is that single coin in the middle, getting support and protection from the rest of the crowd on the card.

The quick meanings at the back of the book offer this: 'Acceptance. Something new is well-received. Integrating into a system without losing one's individuality.'

Maybe this has to do with diving into the TdM this week! Maybe I will be able to integrate into this system without losing my individuality. Would you expect any less of me? :)


  1. Certainly wouldn't expect any less of you! :) Just had an idea for something new (well, at 1.30am this morning), that I hope will be well received...

  2. What another to add to your 8 existing foci?

    1. Ha ha, yes! But once again, it's all connected :D