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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Knight of Cups - he's not such a drip after all

Jean Dodal Tarot, JC Flornoy 2009
Knight of Cups: Development of Love

A feeling, emotion, relationship or aspect of spirituality is growing.

The knight holds a very large cup aloft, balanced on his outstretched palm. The cup shows lots of red, denoting passions and emotions. The knight's mantle is also red, in the garment worn over his torso, nearest his heart.

The cup is gold, the knight has golden locks cascading over the hat or shield on his back, his horse is trimmed in gold, and the vegetation underfoot is gold.

If that shape on his back is his shield, then he is certainly showing willingness to be vulnerable, by wearing his protection on his back and holding out his treasure so precariously.

In his left hand, he clutches the reins of the horse, which are tied off in a knot. The effect is rather phallic, though. Make of it what you will.

The knight -- and his horse! -- cut their eyes toward something in a rather coy and flirtatious manner, chin down and looking out of the corner of their eyes. Very flirty indeed. One expects a flutter of eyelashes any minute. The knight has very wide eyes in his face, and a pleasant expression. The chin-down posture and hunching-forward shoulders give him an 'aw-shucks' bashful feel. It's the 'Here, I picked you some flowers, Mommy,' posture he's got there. It just asks for the 'Aww, thank you, sweety,' response.

I have often seen the Knight of Cups as a mewling little drip. But he's kinda cute here. He can't help how he feels. :)

What love is developing in you today? Are you hesitant to express it? How might you offer your love to the world today, however bashfully and possibly at the risk of making yourself vulnerable? Are you willing to do that today?

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