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Monday, 13 June 2016

Rip it up and start again: A Foolish ritual

"Let go of big questions and sophisticated plans, stop worrying about the past and the future and issues far removed from your reach, and just live." 
                                -- Yoav Ben-Dov, The Open Reading

Here's your homework for today:

Sit down and make a list of the big questions you've had on your mind lately, and the things from the past and future that have been worrying you. Put a big messy star by each one that is 'far removed from your reach'. Then write down a few of the irons that you've had in the fire lately that have become 'sophisticated plans' -- ie, overcomplicated goals, self-imposed to-dos that feel like drudgery for its own sake, rods you have created to beat your own back with.

Take a good look at the list. What would the Fool say to it?

Now get a tin or a plastic container or a jar and a Fool card. (If you don't have one, sketch one.) Rip the list up into tiny pieces and put them in the jar. Drop the Fool card in there with them. Put the lid on the jar and shake them all up together. Imagine how the Fool would respond to seeing you do this. Laugh with him. Make a song of it? 'Shake shake shake shake, shake it up! Shake shake shake shake, shake it up! Shake shake shake shake, shake it up! Shaaaaaaaaaaake it -- UP!'

Then, open the jar, take the Fool out and prop him up so he can watch, and throw the bits up in the air like confetti. Dance around in the bits like 'Footloose' until you're good and sweaty. Sweep the bits up and flush them down the toilet. (Or burn them, or fling them triumphantly in the bin.)

There. You're done with them. Toddle off to your day. If anything off that list tries to sneak back in, laugh at it. 'You're confetti, you are. Ha!'


  1. Ha ha, I can just imagine you dancing around, and sneering at any outliers that try sneaking back :) Lovely idea for a Fool-ish ritual!

  2. Love this. I can be so hooked on the need to tick of boxes on my lists. This ritual could be very liberating and fun