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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tarot rebel finally hits my radar -- and what a blip he is making!

"Anything you stop ignoring becomes fascinating."

                                       -- Enrique Enriquez

CBD Tarot 

Nine of Cups today, and I do have a lot of emotion -- excitement.

Yesterday was a big day for me because I watched a film that I feel is a game changer for my tarot techniques, Tarology: The Poetics of Tarot, featuring Enrique Enriquez. The film amazed and excited me, and I will be watching it over and over. I will also be buying Enriquez's book of the same name as soon as possible.

Enriquez has strong opinions about tarot and doesn't mince words and though he sticks to the most traditional of decks, the TdM, I think he is considered in the tarot world to be radical, though clearly admired by at least some! I have loved everything he said in the film, and took three pages of notes during my viewing of it!

I haven't had time, obviously to process this guy yet, and I will write more about my response to him later, but for now, I'll share with you some of the resources I'm investigating.

Here's Lefanu's opinion of the film:

Tarology: The Poetics of Tarot

And here Sparrow Tarot describes Enriquez as her 'strange tarot crush':

Enrique Enriquez & Tarology

Check out this article written by Enriquez:

Peeking Through the Bars of Tarot's Occult Prison 

Take a look at this conversation between Enriquez and the creator of the CBD Tarot,  Yoav Ben-Dov:

Interview with Enrique Enriquez

And here, Enriquez interviews master card maker, JC Flornoy:

Enrique Enriquez Interviews JC Flornoy

Here he speaks to Mary K Greer:

Enrique Enriquez Interviews Mary K Greer

There's your crowded room, signified by the 9 of Cups. Enjoy!


  1. I think I have a crush on his brain. lol

  2. I saw some of his stuff a year ago or so, but as I'm not much into the TdM... Though what he says about reading the physicality of the characters could be applied to any cards.

    Still, I'm not sure it gets away from psychology as much as he might wish, as body position affects your state of mind and vice versa - eg. hunching when you're afraid. Really, nothing every escapes psychology, imo, but I'll admit I'm biased ;)

  3. The way his mind works amazes me. I want to wake up to more patterns in my daily life. As he says, 'Anything you stop ignoring becomes fascinating.' That is almost always true.