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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bad egg - Devas of Creation

'Growth/Decay' Devas of Creation, Cilla Conway
Yesterday I drew 'Life and Death' and today's draw is 'Growth/Decay'. I detect a theme here.  Subtle, Devas of Creation. Subtle!

The image shows a swirl of energy creating a golden egg shape, and into it creeps a dark shadow of badness. It looks a lot like the little white blobs attached to an egg yolk, only this one has turned black. (By the way, that little thing in an egg is called a chalaza, and it is not a chicken embryo or anything to do with rooster's contribution, but serves to anchor the yolk to the two ends of the egg to prevent it being sloshed around. If you break an egg and it's very visible, you've got a fresh egg. I pick them out anyway, because they gross me out.)

I don't know how I'd react if the 'chalaza' of the egg were black!

What do you do if your 'anchor' has gone bad?
Do you die? Or do you float, free of constraints, and become something else entirely?

On the other hand, the black smudge also reminds me of an umbilical cord. It should die and shrivel up after the baby is born, but what would happen if it died while the baby is like in this image, just forming? Whatever happened to it, it wouldn't manifest as a baby -- but would its energy manifest elsewhere as something else? Ultimately energy is neither produced nor destroyed (that's straight from the Prajnaparamita Sutra), and so it doesn't just disappear. Everything becomes something else. Everything that ever was something else first, and will be something else after. That's why there's no such thing as loss, except in our own perception which is limited by our physical brains and rather dull five senses.

Who thought I'd be contemplating an egg yolk with a black 'chalaza' this morning. I certainly didn't.

This cards invites thought. What plans or germs of growth am I losing the foundations for? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? When is loss not loss but opportunity? Is there anything I should ditch before I even get started on it? Should my plans make an abrupt change from what they started out to be?

(Go on, google 'chalazae'. You know you want to. How do you think I found out the word??)

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