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Monday, 1 August 2016

Devas of Creation - Eternity

'Eternity' Devas of Creation, Cilla Conway
This week I'd like to take a closer look at the Devas of Creation by Cilla Conway. I don't know how well they lend themselves to daily draws, but we'll see.

It's Monday morning and I've drawn this rather muddy-looking card called 'Eternity'.

To me, it looks grey and cloudy, like a rainy day, and there's a vague, cloaked figure looming, and the squiggle in front looks rather like an embryo.

So we do seem to have Alpha and Omega represented here. The shadowy place between life and death, with symbols of both swirling together. And in fact this card is called 'Deva of Eternity, of Life and Death.'

According to the companion book, the appearance of this card can signify 'an important message from your non-physical self, or partnership, guidance, or soul connection.' Or it could represent 'repeated cyclical patterns you need to be aware of, or issues of life and death.'

Well, I just cannot imagine what this could be pointing to, unless it's the fact that is Monday and the chance to start a new 'diet' to try to lose some of this ever-increasing fatness.

Am I hovering between some beginning and ending? Is something coming to a close in my life? Is something starting up? Maybe today's the day I find out something...Or maybe it's just a card with some swirls on it.

Maybe both.

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