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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Judgement - Noblet

Noblet Tarot, Flornoy 2014
'With this trump appears another judgement: the person must accept what he has become. He must ignore the urge to leave all behind and become a hermit in the desert. He has been through so many transformations on the energetic level that he is wary of believing that the phoenix has at last risen from the ashes. An immense sincerity invades him. And yet, the individual is now accepted, summoned by the heavens to rise and exert himself in the world. ...[He is] someone restored to life on earth in order to work for heaven.' 
                                                         -- JC Flornoy, Tarot of Marseille of Jean Noblet, LWB

I think it's pretty impressive that he is able to take all this in, having risen with a dislocated shoulder, missing arm and a brioche for a head. If I were those other two hipsters, I'd be staring, too.

'Dude...your head.'

'Silence, bro.  Angel's trumpet solo, man.'


  1. Ha ha ha! Just read a fantasy story where the lead character is a zombie who sh*ts maggots - yeah, there's no way to make that attractive, but it was funny, too :D