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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Line reading the Emperor

Noblet Tarot, JC Flornoy 2014 edition
I drew Emperor for today and thought, hm, what's he looking at? So I drew 6 of Coins. But then I wondered, well, what? And I drew King of Swords. Well, then. What are these two looking at? And I drew Ace of Swords, which felt like the end of the line, so I stopped.

I'm seeing here a lot of clarity and mastery in the material realm -- finances, health, security, etc. The Emperor is certainly looking over the remainder of the spread. Six is the most harmonious of the numbers, so the Emperor rules over the material realm quite well. He's aided by the King of Swords who looks toward Ace of Swords, his emblem -- he's prepared to marshal all his strengths and skills to create this material harmony. Logic, rational thought, careful planning. The Emperor's crown is held aloft by the strengths of the Sword.

I guess this means I'm heading in the right direction lately. That's good news! I do feel like I've had more clarity, less fog, the last few days. Long may it continue.

Some line readings:

Taking control of financial and health situation requires mastery of emotion and clear thinking. 

Keep looking forward with the knowledge that you have the skills and the power to take control of your financial and health situation. 

Turn your back to the past and face the current situation. Wrest control of it with logical and clear planning. 

Control of the situation depends upon being rational. Emotion plays no part in it. Keep your eyes on that prize of a simple plan. 


  1. A new beginning with a simple plan to bring structure to your material realm, sounds pretty good :)

    1. It does! Structure fell apart a bit yesterday -- biscuits entered the picture after a week without! But no endeavour is without setbacks.

  2. I love that your posts aren't just "Here's my daily, I think it mean xyz". I mean, frankly, who would care? You actually record the thought/intuitive process, which is just what people who are wanting to understand "how" to read cards need to see.

    1. Thank you! This blog functions more or less as my tarot journal. I'm glad that people get something out of looking over my shoulder. :)