Playing Cards Mnemonic

The Firstmost Rule is easily had:
Red cards are good and Black cards are bad. 

The Secondmost Rule shall bring greater fruits:
It deals with the meaning of each of the suits. 

The Hearts count as love, family and friends.
Diamonds are money, wealth, means and ends.
Clubs shall mean work, callings and plans, 
And Spades are the troubles that plague every man. 

The Thirdmost Rule toward number inclines;
Just note the card's pips, and these are their signs:

An ACE brings beginnings,
And TWO give exchange,
THREE shows things growing,
But FOUR does not change.
FIVE is the body, its health and its stead,
SIX shows a path that the Seeker shall tread. 
SEVEN brings troubles that fate has assigned,
While EIGHT shows ideas and thoughts of the mind. 
NINE heralds change,
And TEN is the end,
While KINGS are the symbols of power and men. 
QUEENS are the emblems of women and truth,
A KNAVE is a message, a girl or a youth.