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by Oleg Shuplyak

Magic: it's all in your head.
You just have no idea how big your head is!
 ~Lon Milo DuQuette

The power of your mind, your focused intent, most definitely can change your life. Consider a pebble dropped into a lake: the ripples go out from that dropped pebble, and eventually they cover the entire surface of the water. That little pebble causes a big effect! You may feel that you're only small, but the power of your focused intentions (and subsequent actions) can have very far-reaching effects. This is a fact. Some of us call it spellcasting.

The trouble is, most people don't have any idea how to focus their intentions. I can help you use tarot cards to learn to do this.

We've all heard that visualization enhances performance in all areas, from athletic performance, to passing a driving test, to giving a powerful presentation at work. This is because certain parts of the brain cannot distinguish real memories from vividly imagined ones. And if part of your brain is convinced something has happened -- or will happen -- your subconscious mind goes to work to see that it does happen. It's an amazing thing, and a technique that many successful people use without even realizing they are doing it. This is the magic of spellcasting -- if you believe it, if you see it, if you concentrate on it...it happens.

Sample spell for overcoming money worries
Tarot is an excellent way to tap into this power of your mind to create the reality you want, because the tarot is made up of archetypal images that resonate very deeply in the human psyche.

 Some people might call this a 'visualisation technique' -- that's just a fancy word for a spell!  A spell is simply an activity intended to influence a particular course of events.By this definition, visualization, meditation, and even prayer are all forms of spells. It's the focused intent of the mind that casts the spell. All the words, incantations, prayers, burning of candles or other activities are merely meant to reinforce the power of the mind.

The Tarot Spells I will provide for you will consist of:

1) Tarot card images, which you will contemplate while
2) Repeating a word or phrase of power that we will work together to create, and
3) Vividly seeing in your mind's eye the problem being solved in the way you want, with the outcome you want.

Sample spell for a successful meeting at work
We will work together to identify the problem, how you intend to address it, and the desired outcome. I will select tarot card images to send to you via email so that you can print them out. You will decide any appropriate secondary items you might wish to include from amongst your own possessions (such as a candle, incense, crystals, or other objects that will help to focus your intention). I will provide affirmations for you to recite either during or after your visualization. We will decide how often and for how long you should engage in your visualization sessions (in other words, how long to cast your spell.) Depending on the issue, this could be anywhere from one session to regular sessions over several months.

Contact me to discuss your spell:

 Regardless of the spell's duration, you pay only once:

Tarot Spell £10

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