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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Look Thothward, Angel: Day 4

Thoth Tarot & Angel Insight Pack
I believe that today's draw from Thoth Tarot (Crowley & Harris) and Angel Insight Pack (Christine Astell) refers to seeing my counselor today. The work I have done based on these sessions has become like an Angel of Support to me. We've been talking about my big list of 'shoulds' in life, and ways I can free myself from them. So that would seem to be where the Fire of Fire, Knight of Wands, image comes into it. I am pretty sure today we'll be talking abut spontaneity. In fact, I was meant to contemplate, 'What does the spontaneity of a child look like?' for today's session. I've been thinking about that off and on, and while the Knight of Wands really is a fiery thing, I don't think he has true 'child-like' spontaneity. He is a bit too violent, and possibly self-destructive, to be child-like. Child-like spontaneity is based on wonder, not recklessness. Wonder is something the Knight of Wands lacks. You see that quality more in the Pages (which I guess would be the Princesses in the Thoth Tarot). To be spontaneous doesn't mean to say, 'To hell with it all,' and throw oneself off a cliff in a grand ball of flame. True child-like spontaneity is the opposite of that. It says, 'I embrace it all, and most of all I embrace being fully present in the actions of my body and mind in this moment.' Or in other words, 'I want to have fun.'

It's true, a child doesn't understand fully about consequences. But it's also true that their spontaneous explorations take place, in the main, on a small scale, and also that they are based on trust. A large scale from their perspective, perhaps, a small scale possibly to us. In this way of course, child-like spontaneity could be seen as more like The Fool. The trust, for the child, is the trust that the power of their parents to protect them keeps them safe in all situations. The most adventurous children, I feel, are the ones who have the deepest sense of security that the world is a benevolent, nurturing, welcoming place. Whereas those who distrust the world are more shy and passive. So that becomes, 'I want to have fun, and I believe that it is safe to look for it everywhere.'

Now I've worked my way to the Angel of Support, because the Knight of Wands cannot take action without this faith and trust. We trust when we get up in the morning that our feet will touch the floor. The Angel of Support, standing with feet planted firmly, wide apart,his arms holding up two giant pillars, represents the underlying faith and trust in a benevolent universe that makes spontaneity possible.

Affirmation: I give permission to be spontaneous, trusting that it is safe to do things that have not been planned.


  1. Thats one thing I could be doing more often, being spontaneous..............but more often than not I will ummm and arrr about things for too long and achieve very little :-/ xxxx

    1. And I like things to be predictable; I like a daily routine. And when I do something, I like it planned well in advance, with a pre-planned itinerary. I find being spontaneous doesn't come naturally to me, so I will need to do it in very small doses. I mean, even walking to work down a different street is a major big deal for me. Shakes me up I tell ya!