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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lenormand Journal 2.0 -- Day 2

What should I look out for today during work? (Mystical Lenormand, AG Muller 2005)

Mystical Lenormand, 2005

Fish + Mountain + Cross

AM ( 6.00 )
Key themes: serious money blockage, a giant obstacle to overcome with regard to money
Prediction: There are many forms this could take, but as it's work related there are probably only a few that apply. The safe will be locked and we can't get in it, or the money will have been stolen over the weekend, or there will be a big discrepancy in the balance. I don't think it will have much to do with actual customers, but will a problem staff side. Maybe the person scheduled to do the money will not turn up today and it won't get done, leading to bigger problems later in the week. (I've also read that for daily draws one should choose the most mundane, lowest level interpretations, so I would expect the disruption to be minor. Also, am meant to seek references to the weather, and the Fish reminds me of water, so perhaps it will rain all day, which might or might not cause problems of some kind??)

PM ( 21.54  )
Accuracy: Medium
What happened in relation to the cards: It is true that the money couldn't be done today. But nothing else could be done either. The entire network was down, so no PCs, no printing, no access to management systems, or anything else. Now if we look at the Fish card in its more general meaning of business rather than the more specific meaning of money, the cards make more sense.
Observations: It might be a good idea to watch for the Fish card to see if it turns out to be business in general...this was an interesting draw. But a very loooong day.


  1. I could imagine a blocked gutter at work would fit the bill :) Or an alcoholic customer who refuses to leave...

    1. Ha, would you believe, about 4 hours after I wrote this my Dear One came storming down the stairs saying we had a blocked gutter! We just had some of the guttering done last year, but the whole back wall was soaked. It means having to get scaffolding up, too, a total 'mare!

      Scared to read today's post now ;)

  2. Very cool! Sorry about your long day, though.