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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lenormand Journal 2.0 -- Day 3

What will be the highlight of my day? (Titania's Fortune Cards, Quadrille 2000)

Titania's Fortune, 2000

Stork + Letter + Path

AM ( 6.15 )
Key themes: message involving change
Prediction: Both Stork and Path can have to do with change, travel, routes, etc; and Letter is about communication. I also associate with Stork with pregnancy and birth, both literal and metaphorical, and Path with life's journey in addition to literal travel and mundane routine. Today gives birth to a means of communication involving one's path. I am almost certain I know what this refers to, something I've been thinking about lately, a new project. Will today be the day I start it?

PM ( 20.50 )
Accuracy: High
What happened in relation to the cards: I did start my new project today -- twice! I spent hours on it, then had to do it all over again. So THAT'S why there's a long road in this draw. I'm knackered.
Observations: Remember that Path can mean a LONG journey. A long, long testing journey. ('Are we there yet???')


  1. LOL, think I can guess what it is, too! I've added my two cents to help out with the birthing process :)

    Gah, even though it was my first Lenormand, I still don't really like this deck - how weird is that! Thank goodness I LOVED my second one :D

    1. Well, I'm not sure that something you got done in a single day counts as that long a journey, though it may feel like it on the day ;) Glad it worked out in the end!

  2. They are quite funky colorful cards Carla, almost like Pop Art :-)

    1. Yes, they're very strange, aren't they!