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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lenormand Journal 2.0 -- Day 4

What will I find out today that I didn't know before? (Postmark Lenormand, Melissa Hill 2011)

Postmark Lenormand, 2011

Ring + Stork + Clouds

AM (6.07 )
Key themes: a promise of change causes confusion; travel commitments become muddled
Prediction: To be honest, I am not sure at all what these cards predict. A promise, a commitment...a promise or commitment that changes...confusion about a promise or commitment changes. Uncertain focus about a commitment to change. Confusion about contract changes. Confusion about renegotiation. Grrrr! Thought just popped in my head...I did just send out an email to a customer, and we are working on settling on her reading topic, spread and so forth...so maybe that could be the negotiating of a 'contract'? Could be.

PM ( 16.49)
Accuracy: Medium
What happened in relation to the cards: Yesterday I made a valiant attempt to start a new project, thwarted at many turns, but I did not give up. This morning, I got right back into it first thing. So I guess that might be what this was a reference to. There was definitely some confusion going on there!
Observations: Remember that oracles don't watch the clock, especially if you don't specifically ask them to, so what they refer to may spill over from the past as well as edging into the future.


  1. Hmm, how about "a commitment to change despite some confusion"? Commitments take time, and we sometimes have to go through rough patches where that commitment is challenged... Or is that just me ;)

    1. Ohh, that could apply to yesterday's events! At least I was toedancing around the right region, eh? :)

    2. Well, and not being able to do exactly what you'd planned this morning because of a cold might also fit... :D