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Thursday, 23 May 2013

'Mystic Bastard' Day Four

Mystic Faerie 2007, Deck of the Bastard 2013
I really like the pentacles suit in the Mystic Faerie Tarot. In each suit of this deck, a story is told through the progression of the cards. This works and doesn't work--it's a fun idea, but some cards are bit off the mark as far as traditional interpretation goes. In the pentacles suit, a faerie gets lost from her family and decides to live in an area where she finds herself--there's plenty to eat there, and she can make baskets and a shelter. But she soon finds it lonely without company, and after having her little home ransacked by some rats, she is befriended by mice, who take her into their community. The Six of Pentacles shows the faerie and the mice sharing their bounty with one another, in the spirit of charity and generosity often associated with this card. It's a really cute card. I love those little mice!

Then in contrast, we have the King of Swords, standing against a black background in his cold armor, with sword in hand. What in the world could be happening with me today that I should draw two such contrasting cards?

I'm not sure what the day holds, but I have taken some decisive action recently, and it has involved scrutiny and generosity (or at least the distribution of goods -- in this case, my time). I have decided to leave Aeclectic Tarot and make my account inactive. It has become as much a time suck as ever Facebook was, and with nearly as few benefits to me. It's simply time to move on, and I hope the extra time I gain will be put to better use through engaging more fully with the blogging community, making more time for meditation and other pursuits, and of course, more time for serving those who are kind enough to honour me by ordering a reading.

Still I can't wait to see how Six of Pentacles + King of Swords manifests itself today. A charitable act cut down? A misguided attempt at charity seen through? An act of kindness leads to a realization?


  1. Seeing your Deck of the Bastard, I wish I'd gone for the titles on the cards. I went for no titles, but I like words like Scrutiny for the King of Swords - interesting.

    As for the cards, clearly assessing a situation doesn't rule out then choosing to take a generous approach to dealing with it... :)

    1. Ahhh, I was reading them left to right! :)

  2. Interesting! I love the contrast of the decks which makes the contrast of the two cards even more stark.