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Friday, 31 May 2013

Week in Review: Faerie Tarot

Eh, I'm fed up of Lenormands right now, let's look at something different today. How about a week in review using a tarot deck?

Faerie Tarot, Natalie Hertz, US Games 2008

Now, what a colorful deck, I really like this one. I trimmed some of the outer borders off the cards because I thought there was just too much distraction in their original form, and I quite like the effect. I haven't used this deck nearly as much as I ought to, it's actually really quite charming. 

I can see my week reflected very well in these cards. I have let go of some things, said good-bye to them, which is what I see when I look at the image in Five of Pentacles of the faerie blowing dandelions into the wind. She's releasing something, which can be a sad or trying thing, but also there is so much potential for growth in the future that is released as well! Also of course there's the assurance that even though she's leaving behind this situation, the seeds she has sown there will carry on without her--nothing is going to go barren for lack of her, in fact, her influence will be felt in that situation in many ways, good ways. That's a comforting thought. Five of Pentacles doesn't have to be all bad! The LWB says 'Struggles for improvement are rewarded.' Well, that is apropos for me in many ways, too. 

Then the Eight of Wands card shows action and forward momentum -- but in this case, the snail reminds me that if you get ahead of yourself, you are just going to end up back where you started any way (or maybe even worse off!), a thing which I found out on Thursday, having spent hours working on something only to realize that a minor detail I should have noticed at first sent me right back to square one to have to do it all over again. Less haste, more speed, or however the saying goes. Or this case, less haste, less speed. I mean, what's the point of the journey if the scenery's whizzing past? Slower is better.

And the Ace of Pentacles bodes well in so many ways, not least of which it has manifested in the business that has been sent my way by lovely people requesting readings from me this week. I have had more readings this week than in any week since starting this blog, and I'd like to say thank you so much for honouring me with your reading requests.

So...apart from a sore throat and some rather dodgy weather, this has been a productive and good week for me!


  1. Beautiful reading, and glad it's been such a good week :)

    As for the Eight of Wands, sometimes we need that energy that fires us up and shoots us out. Even if you have to go back and redo things, at least it got you moving in the first place :D

  2. I like that Five of Pentacles! So much more positive than some. You've inspired me to do a week in review reading of my own as soon as I get back from my lunch date. :-)