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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Burnin' down the house

I've drawn the Tower today from Tarot Illuminati (Dunne and Huggens, LoScarabeo 2013). Jumpin jiminy, I wonder what the heck is on the horizon today, then. Kim Huggens' book is pretty dang dramatic:

'All knowledge up until now is false; the more you cling to it, the harder it will be to let go and move on. It is time for illumination, and since you have made it so hard for revelation to come to you, you must now face the lightning strike. It will destroy everything you have surrounded yourself with to get to you, and when it does, you shall fall. You will be liberated from that Tower, and as you fall you shall be able once again to see the stars that you have missed for so long.'

Hey, way to sell it, Kim! When you put it like that, how can I say no? Tch.

I have problems with the Tower card and its usual dramatic interpretations. In all honesty, most people only have a few true Tower moments in their lives. The rest of the time, there's usually just bumps, blips, niggles, and inconveniences, to varying degrees of annoyance. I doubt very seriously that a Wednesday is going to bring me a shattering transformational experience, particularly as in many interpretations, the Tower is seen as one being the victim of something outside one's control. Of course something absolutely dreadful could happen to a loved one today, and that's the worst possible thing I can think of to happen, but the likelihood of that is quite low.

Personally, I think in a daily draw the Tower is usually an annoyance. And in many cases, it can be a change in paradigm, or even just in habits, and often changes that you instigate yourself. You start tearing down your own 'tower' of established thought grooves or behaviours. That's what I'm hoping to do today. I have a few modest goals for today to try to change some habits and behaviours. So we'll see if I'm able to burn down that house, or at least get my Zippo to light.

ETA: My Tower moment came when I received a postcard saying Customs wants £17.95 for a parcel I'd ordered from the US. And £8 was 'handling charges'. WHAT!! PO'ed. Ha ha. Tower moment? Well.


  1. Wow, yes, that is a rather dramatic description of the Tower. As you say, most daily draws won't be that big. So, good luck with your Zippo! :D

  2. Looks a bit Game of Thronesy this card. Are you in the library tomorrow Carla? If so bring in your deck that has movie stars on it and I will see if I can identify some of them for you if the Silver Surfers is quiet xxx

  3. I won't be there, I finish early. I'll try to remember to bring it next week! :)