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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Let love rule

Wild Unknown Tarot, 2012
I love birds, particularly blackbirds and corvids of all types, so this card really appeals to me. It's the Judgement card from Wild Unknown Tarot (2012).

The image on the card today speaks to me of release. For true freedom to occur, there must be release, release of judgement, release of negative thoughts, release of resentment, envy, spite and hate. There is an inner light that we can allow to shine, represented by the glowing white bird at the top of the card, which can illuminate those dark corners, break them up, free them to fly away, so that they themselves can be dissolved into that light.

Let this happen first for ourselves. Let the light shine in ourselves, releasing our self-judgement, our negative tapes, our self-resentment, comparing ourselves to others, our self-spite, our self-hate. We can break it up, shake it loose, set it free.

The Judgement card is about heeding a higher call, a call to leaving behind a dead existence and exchanging it for a new one. We can make a commitment to doing that, every day.


  1. It's funny, at first glance I didn't like this card all that much. Something about the juxtaposition of black and white, like you have to leave behind the darkness of the material world to move upwards. Still, I really like what you say about it not being the material we necessarily need to leave behind, but our own inner darkness which needs transforming :)