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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Look who's stalking

It just occurred to me that the Full Moon reading I did recently about Queen of Wands was much like the STALKER READING from Lisa at Tarotize. So I thought it would be good to look at the spread again, but using her card positions this time:

1. Why I have to have this lesson  - Hierophant
2. What I will have learned by the end of it - The Star
3. Stalker card - Queen of Wands, not shown
4. How I am doing right now - King of Swords
5. Pass or fail? - Sun

1. It looks to me like I need to have this lesson to help me get over some of the remnants from my rather strict religious training, my ideas about humility and about female power. When you have been brought up to idealize the humble (usually suffering) servant, and to believe that women should be up at dawn with her sleeves rolled up toiling to bake for the family, bargaining for the best deal for her family, deferring to her husband in all things and keeping her mouth shut -- well, the Queen of Wands is a hard pill to swallow.

2. By the end of this lesson, I will have learned more about how to value what is present within me, how to bring those qualities to the fore, ALL my good and powerful qualities, and not just those that suit my preconceived notions about who or what I should be. The Star points to becoming the True You, the Sat Nam. Now, I'm not saying I'm going to reach self-actualization after a few weeks' contemplation of the Queen of Wands...but it couldn't hurt.

3. 'The offending card' Lisa calls it (which makes me chuckle)

4. Right now, as Chiriku suggested in the comments to my original Full Moon reading, I am approaching the issue in a rather cerebral, swordsy way. But at least it's the King of Swords and not the Knight of Swords! The King of Swords shows that I am approaching the issue of dealing with my Queen of Wands prejudices in as objective a way as I can, avoiding (as much as I can) the leaps to judgement or condemnation that I am accustomed to. The King of Swords represents my attempts to analyze the Queen of Wands' qualities, both positive and negative, and to find these behaviours and energies in myself, to recognize and acknowledge her within myself. The King suggests that I am doing well at this and mastering some of my old prejudices.

5. The Sun does suggest that I am passing this test! The Sun actually seems a good twin to the Queen of Wands card -- like the Queen of Wands, the Sun represents freedom, liberation, openness, action, health, wellness, enthusiasm, attainment, positive thinking, and success.

I can't believe I didn't notice in the previous reading that I have Stars and Sun -- bringing up light from the depths, and basking in it from the height. These cards balance and counterpoint each other, in a way not unlike the balance and counterpoint of Hierophant and King of Swords. Both of those cards hint at severity, authority, hierarchy and thought, though the Hierophant suggests a more dogmatic version, whereas the King of Swords is more analytical and free of prejudice.

Taking a cue from Sharon at Songs from the Wishing Tree, I will end my reading with a list of things to explore:

  • Consider ways my prejudices against Queen of Wands are a result of my childhood religious training (or at least my perception of those teachings)
  • Identify feelings and behaviours in myself that spring from Queen of Wands energy, acknowledging her contributions to my happiness and fulfilment
  • Contemplate the differences in perception of the Queen of Wands as seen through the eyes of the Hierophant and the King of Swords. 

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  1. I love it! Re-reading these cards following Lisa's Stalker Spread worked beautifully :) The Sun as pass or fail definitely seems like a pass - that you are starting to find the joy in the Queen of Wands characteristics that the King of Swords gives the okay to :D