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Monday, 8 July 2013

Magic Monday

Titania's Star Tarot, 2003
Girded about with a snake, his third eye glowing gold, the Magician in Titania's Star Tarot stands behind a table ranged with the symbols of the suits: sword, coin, rod, and cup. His right hand holds a wand topped with an infinity symbol (lemniscate), and his left hand points to the ground. Pretty traditional, in many ways.

'In readings, the Magus tells us we have a strong will. He encourages us to create and realise envisioned goals...it is better at the present to do the wrong thing than to do nothing, so ACT with will and determination.' ~ Titania Hardie, Titania's Star Tarot Companion Book

The card has the symbol for the planet Mercury and so could be associated with swiftness, boldness, action and will power.

I have just returned from a few days away, during which I saw some lovely things and enjoyed lengthy conversations, and even a couple of tarot readings, all of which have given me lots to think about, and even more encouragement to 'act with will and determination' in ways that are unfamiliar to me and out of my ordinary habits.

My main objective for today is to get through it without wilting entirely! Some people love a heat wave; me, not so much. I prefer a cool breeze, even it means a grey sky. There's a lovely cool breeze blowing through the window right now (6.15 AM), but we'll see how it feels at 5.30 PM when I get home to a flat that's had its windows shut all day!


  1. Got to admit that I'm not enjoying this deck so much Carla - bit on the minimalist side. Glad you enjoyed your time away. This heat wave is getting to me a bit too, I was in the library a few hours ago reading a good book about films and thought I was going to pass out :(

    1. It's an odd deck. For art, not that exciting, but it does hold some fascination for me in its minimalist qualities and its potential to perhaps tap into the intuition as a result.

  2. Hmm, not sure about that line of "it's better to do the wrong thing than not act". Just poor phrasing, I'd say. How about "it's better to do something/anything than not act". That's probably me being over pedantic, but why on earth would you want to direct your will towards something you know to be wrong?

    On a totally different subject, is there a star on every Major? Just because it's so unusual to have a star on the Magician...