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Monday, 15 July 2013

Warrior Three on a stick?

Today's card is the Ace of Rods, an appropriate card, since I'm late posting this this morning as a result of doing yoga at 6 AM! My resolution is to do at least 15 minutes of yoga every morning. This morning I did about 20 minutes of a kind of flowing yoga called 'yang yoga' by its creator, Simon Low. I enjoyed doing it, and I'm sure as soon as I have memorized his sequence (one complete side takes about 4 minutes), then I can do it on my own without the DVD and then two sequences per side will take roughly 16 minutes (depending on how fast my breaths are, as they tend to be one move per breath).

Today is the Ace of Rods in other ways as well; I have a plan to take some action recommended to me by a friend, where my job path is concerned.

Warrior Three
Reading the card 'intuitively' (ie, based on the picture), I also see a suggestion that today will be balancing act between keeping myself on an even keel and enduring the heat (which is suggested by the very yellow sky). At least there is a breeze in the picture. I wonder if I should take the suggestion to wear a skirt.

Whatever happens, I'm certainly not in any danger of falling off that little rod I'm crossing. That girl looks solid and confident. In fact, I can see her stepping out into Warrior Two, my favourite pose. Or maybe she's about to defy all her fears and lift her back leg and lean forward into Warrior Three! (Also a good pose, actually, but probably not on a stick, at least for me!)

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  1. LOL, don't think I've ever seen wardrobe advice in a card, but that's probably cos I've never looked for it :)

    Love this card, and your take on her bravery and balance!