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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ancient Italian Tarot Pairs: Day 1

This week I'll be drawing two cards a day using the Ancient Italian Tarot (LoScarabeo). The deck is a reproduction of an Italian tarot from the 1880s, in a style known as Soprafino (a word meaning 'very refined').  I've decided to draw two cards a day using a popular variation on the 'Do this - don't do this' tarot spread: 'Embrace - Release.' For each day, the first card drawn is the advice of what I should embrace for the day, and the second is the advice for what should be let go.

So, today's draw is:

 The Tower                             Knight of Coins

Embrace the Tower. Release the Knight of Coins.

Well, that is a smack upside the head this morning. To embrace the unexpected, the unplanned for, the lightning strike coming out of the blue that shakes you to the very foundations. And to release good old Mr Faithful, the plodding planner who can never be hurried along.

Where exactly I'm meant to take that advice, of course cannot be said. The nature of the Tower precludes it. To try to second-guess or orchestrate a Tower event would be to take a Knight of Coins approach to it. Can't be done. So, all I can do today is be open and receptive to the chance to say 'Yes' to anything that I would normally say 'No' to.

Oh, the very idea fills me with trepidation! I am a world champion sayer of 'No'. I love routine and hate disruption. Just the extreme regularity of this blog ought to be evidence of that! I don't have a clue what the universe may offer me today, and I'm already girding up my loins to bellow 'NO' to it. I love the Knight of Coins, love his stability, his regularity, his confidence, his humility, his laconic and phlegmatic nature. He might not be exciting, but he's dependable. And you can't say that about the Tower -- well, it's dependable all right, you can depend on the fact that whatever the Tower brings is going to be mighty unsettling!

Okay, so my goal for the day is to watch out for any opportunity to say 'Yes', no matter how subtle, to something that I would ordinarily say 'No' to. *biting lip* Oh, man.

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  1. Oh my, good luck with embracing the uncertainties and opportunities of life today :) My most recent Tower draw reminded me that, while unsettling, these changes can be good...