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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Vision in the darkness--wisdom of the owl

Roots of Asia, 2001
Wow, that's amazing. I've drawn another 8 from Roots of Asia Tarot today! That's three 8s in a row.

Today we have 8 of Swords. This card's title is 'Restricted Thinking'. You can see that the figure, though covered with winged patterns that speak of freedom to fly, has his face covered with his hands. He's trapped himself, even though the owl, the symbol of wisdom, sits wide-eyed on top of his head. This guy is not trapped at all. He's only frozen by his own illusions of being trapped; he's created his own bonds.

'The causes of our blindness and inability to fight against our pain and suffering are: the addictions to the things of our body, putting ourselves into negative environments, wasting time and energy on mindless and negative entertainment, indulging in gambling and games, association with negative companionship, habit of laziness, indulgence of the senses, extreme asceticism.' ~ Roots of Asia LWB

You may notice that the number of items or lessons listed in each card description corresponds to the number on the card. Eight of Swords, eight causes of 'blindness' and suffering.

The question for today is, in what way am I causing my own suffering? Am I addicted to things of the body? How do I put myself into negative environments? How have I wasted time on mindless entertainments? Have I really indulged in gambling and games? How have I been lazy, out of habit? I think we can all find answers to these questions. We are none of us perfect, nor called to be. This card does not call us to perfection, does not convict of us sin. Instead it asks to look at these harmful behaviours and habits and to recognize how they limit us, how they create suffering rather than relieve it.

This is profound work.


  1. This card comes up a lot for me....
    It' reminds me of what dr. Phil likes to say: "You can't change what you don't acknowledge"
    Just to look at those behaviours is the first step change
    Thanks for this post

    1. Dr Phil! I haven't thought about him in years!

  2. I love your last paragraph: it's not about having those bad habits, it's about recognising how they create suffering in us. I like the gentleness of that, the not having to be perfect. Beautifully written, Carla :)

  3. In my opinion , 8 is always let go of something and in this case is the normal human's thought.
    I have a small gift for you today Carla , read it carefully :

    1. That certainly put my fire out. :) Thanks, Peter.