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Friday, 23 May 2014

Bye bye to Pearls of Wisdom

Hey, we finish the week with another page! This time it's the Page of Cups from Pearls of Wisdom Tarot.

I've only just noticed that all pages have a feather in their caps (except Wands - he's got his head covered with a sun mask). Of course, I had to look up 'feather in your cap' because the internet has made us all nuts like that. I knew it meant an accomplishment to be proud of. I wonder why these pages all have feathers in their caps. I was hoping to find out something more, which might be page-like. A feather in the cap might be a bit of an affectation, like in the Yankee Doodle song -- a misguided affectation, brought on by ignorance or lack of refinement. We'll go with that, as well as the usual meaning.

I like this chap, pouring water out of the valentine goblet with his hand over his heart. He's a nice boy.

I think I have gone into this before, but for me, the Page of Cups is Butters in South Park. Yes, here it is: What would Butters do?

I'm not feeling very well today; good thing hubby is a Page of Cups. I'm going to take this as a sign to cuddle up to him a lot today.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well! Hope cuddling the hubby helps (always a good place to start). This Page also says to me that sharing your emotions is a good way to tune in to and release them, and to feel more loving. I could do with a bit of that: baby is teething, which is hard to bear - that pain he's sharing, so I need to tune into it, too, not try to push it away.

    1. The baby is teething???? How old is he?

    2. 10 weeks. Hey, at least he wasn't born with teeths!!

    3. 10 weeks! Well, I can't even remember when mine started teething but I think it was a bit later than that. He's in a rush. He'll be wearing elbow patches and reading Atlas Shrugged by Christmas.