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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chakra Wisdom Oracle -- Isolation vs Solitude

The posts for the rest of the week will focus more on the cards themselves than personal interpretations (which as I said yesterday, may be a little too personal for sharing online anyway, depending on your comfort zone.)

Today's card is called Isolation. I'm not entirely sure I understand what is going on in it. I can see a full suit of clothes sort of standing on its own in front of a closet (perhaps it is hanging from a peg, but that seems an odd way to store clothes). I don't know what that blue blob is in the foreground. I think it 'might' be an invitation -- the little white tag may say 'invitation'. The only reason I think that though is from looking at the companion book. What do you make of it?

Assuming the blue thing is an invitation, and seeing the pristine suit of clothes, and considering the key word is 'isolation' -- I'm guessing this has to do with not wanting to get involved socially. The elements of the card and book all seem conflicting to me (an issue I had with the cards yesterday when I tried to do the spread.)

Key word: Isolation
Nickname: 'Sapphire's Blue'
Phrase: 'I've got all I could ever need, right here'
Legend (dictated by angels): Sapphire gets invited but never wants to go anywhere. He feels superior to everyone, doesn't want to ruin his tux, and doesn't want to disrupt his routine. So he stays home alone and blue.

That's fine, so far so good. Then the meditation suggests you think of something you've been putting off and imagine yourself doing it. Umm...okay. That sort of works.

But then if you look at the 'quick guide' at the beginning of the Blue chapter (Blue for 5th chakra, the throat chakra), it says, 'A childlike playfulness is hidden under elegant exterior. The card denotes wealth and ability to do anything well. Trust and loyalty are indicated. Sapphire also has a great capacity for healing.' Now of course with some mental gymnastics, I can create connections that would make that fit in with the legend of the card, but I certainly wouldn't have instantly thought of any of those things based on the image, which suggests perhaps someone standing in front of his closet, holding an invitation, looking at his unused good suit and wondering if he should say 'yes' for a change.

The most useful bit I got from the book was: 'Sapphire does not know the difference between isolation and solitude. Do you?' It helps to be a native speaker of English, but basically:

isolation - to be or remain alone or apart from others (like being quarantined or detained, not necessarily through your own will); it is a state that can be marked by feelings of loneliness

solitude - to be or remain alone or apart from others, but carrying a connotation of not being lonely as a result, a positive state of engagement with oneself, apart from others

Sapphire's blue because he thinks he's in a state of 'solitude', when in fact he is in 'isolation', imposed upon himself by his own fearful or judgemental attitudes (which of course are the result of fear as well).

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra, the source of speaking, words, communication, and so, it is associated with our involement and engagement with the world. Can you 'speak' to the world, have it turn its attention to you? Can you share yourself with the world? Or do you clam up, metaphorically leaving your best suit in the closet and ignoring the invitation that existence extends you?

It's a beautiful and meaningful question. The card and companion book make you work to get there, though. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but as you can see, it is not a deck for quick readings, but for pondering and exploring. Sapphire may have a good reason for leaving his best suit in the closet. He may have a list as long as his arm. But should he live by those reasons, or should he accept the invitation?

Should you?


  1. I have a friend who makes it her policy to NEVER say No to an invitation. I'm sure she's been to some dire parties, but she's also had a lot of fun and wonderful times, and met a lot of interesting people!

    1. She must have a lot of energy and patience.

  2. I would probable let it depend on who was inviting me I am more cautious than Chloe's friend.:) I don't consider myself as isolated but I do love to be by myself

    1. I'm not isolated, but I do enjoy solitude. One temperament should not be considered superior to another. Some people actually do get deep enjoyment from their own company; some people are afraid. It's finding the truth of the matter that counts, and I think that's what this card is getting at.