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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Job reading using Psy Cards

There's a new job listing that I think might be interesting to go for, back in my usual place of employment. (Right now I'm on a secondment elsewhere.) The new post is a part time post on a higher salary than I've earned in a long time, but as it's part time, it's obviously less income overall. However, going part time would allow me to pursue my tarot reading service part time, instead of doing it as a hobby on the weekends. 

I took out the cards Yes, No, Now, Never. I shuffled them thoroughly, laid them out face down and used a pendulum to select a card, asking, 'Should I apply for this post?' I turned over: YES. 

Okay. So I decided to draw one card for the prospective post, one card for tarot reading service, and one card for current secondment, and I shuffled and drew: 

The new job = Warrior
Tarot reading = Home
Current secondment = Liar

I see this as saying that the new job would be something new and adventurous to do, that would take courage but could also lead to 'glory' of a kind.  The Warrior archetype is brave, bold, tenacious, honorable, loyal, righteous, and impatient. I can see how all these apply to the particular post I'm considering, as it is a leadership position in a sector that is fighting for its survival and to create its identity in a changing world. My battles would be small-scale, but I would still be expected to lead the fray. 

The reading service which I would then have more time and energy to nurture is linked to the Home card. Of course, helping people through readings is one of my favourite things, and the card suggests it is a natural place for me. The business would of course be run from my home. This area is where my comfort lies. Also, there seems to be a suggestion that reading as part of my living is a viable option for me, given the connotations of sustenance and shelter associated with home. These are good signs!

Finally my current secondment...at first I thought the draw meant that the secondment simply wasn't right for me, then I realised there is a much more literal interpretation of this card, as my main dissatisfaction with it has been that the work I'm actually doing bears little resemblance to what I was led to believe (by job advertisement, job description and person spec, interview and even the assessments I was given during recruitment!) I would be doing. The job is nothing like I thought it would be -- I do feel rather lied to. 

So I think I will apply for this job, even if it is 'part time' work. It may be my time to put new irons in the hearth fire. 


  1. Lovely reading! That interpretation of the last card made me sad - it's terrible to feel you've been lied to. And rotten to be doing something which isn't at all what you'd had in mind. Good luck with applying for the part-time job!

  2. I love it when readings are as clear cut as this. All the signs are right - go for it!