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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Our Lady of the Volcano

I did something this morning which I seldom do. I deleted the card that I drew on Saturday for today, because it just didn't feel right for today. Maybe things have changed since Saturday. I picked up the deck and just said, 'What's my real card for today?' shuffled and pulled Ace of Wands. Of course the first thing I think of is that I've applied for a job and today is the closing date. I got my application in last week, well ahead of the deadline. I wonder if there could be a correlation between that and this card. I must admit, the Ace of Wands is puzzling, but at least it doesn't feel as essentially off as the Devil card, which is what was on this page this morning. As I say, I hardly ever change a daily draw card for the blog, and I absolutely never change a card during a 'real' personal reading (the ones too personal to post) and definitely never for a client. I suppose the exception makes the rule. But of course I am going to be contemplating how that Devil card could pertain to the day, even though I can see from Ace of Wands the overriding energy of the day will be different from how it may have looked last Saturday.

In Pearls of Wisdom Ace of Wands, we have a sort of maiden of the flame, Our Lady of the Volcano, if you will. But has she emerged from the volcano or is she fueling it? Difficult to say, and perhaps it doesn't matter. Maybe they are so interconnected they can't tell where one starts and the other stops. This card is all about fire. The masked figure dancing on a trail of fire, holding her pearl-entwined staff overhead, with its glowing orb on the end and its green vines. Around her neck is a large pearl, and her costume looks like the flames themselves.

In the middle of the right border of the card is the rune uruz. It means 'mind over matter', endurance, formation, manifestation, raw primal power, determination, persistence, freedom, vitality, tenacity, luck, and so forth. (It literally means 'auroch', or ox. LOL) I also notice some three-petaled symbols resembling the clubs from a deck of playing cards. The clubs correspond to the wands suit of tarot. There's some sort of tree in the lower left corner, I don't know what it is. But I like the little chick hatching in the bottom left corner under the tree; new life, new beginnings. Cheep cheep!

It's always best to keep daily readings to a mundane level, so...it is very sunny day today. That makes me feel brighter. It's the last day of work before we go on holiday for a week. That makes me feel brighter. I've just begun doing some planning for a small personal project, and that is an Ace of Wands thing to be doing. So in many ways, Ace of Wands is manifesting for me already and it's only 6:30.

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  1. Dance with passion, dance with joy, aflame with life! What a lovely image, and I hope the rest of your day lived up to that energetic start :)