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Friday, 16 May 2014

The Beast

Call your courage up to slay
The foul fiend who bars the way

 We all know what the Beast is. As soon as you see it and read the title you know what it is. It is those fears, doubts and worries lurking in the shadowy corners of our minds. We won't go there because we are afraid to face the Beast, and we think it would be better to leave him curled up in the dark, hopefully snoozing. What would happen, after all, if we woke the Beast. He might destroy us! No no no, we think. Better to just carry it around with us, slithering along the walls of the caves of our minds, always just out of sight but nevertheless palpably there.

This card asks us to face our fears, because only when we do that can we overcome them. We must draw the Beast out into the light so that we can get a good look at that mutha. Only when we've looked squarely at him, and preferably from all angles, can we know what we're dealing with.

There are lots of beasts plaguing my household lately. We've begun to shed light on them. We're beginning to take certain steps. One does what one can.


  1. Most of the time the mental images we create of our beasts are so much more scary than the real thing

  2. Good luck with looking those nasties in the eyes, and telling them they're not that big!
    Hugs, Cxx