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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The temple

Ha! No secret to why I drew this today. I did some yoga yesterday, first workout of any kind I've done since end of March (and before that it was like since December) and I am very sore already this morning. By tonight I may actually feel like a flayed man. :)

Also, could point to some concerns I've had lately about the hubster. He's had a loss of appetite and tiredness and then yesterday he started coughing. I told him -- go to the doctor, I don't like these symptoms. But you know how men are. I may have to drag him there.

I've taken my body for granted for too long. The card reminds me to carry on the good work I started yesterday. It also reminds me that the body is an important conduit for my relationship with higher things.

I don't know why but I just thought of Russell Brand and his yammering about the body and yoga and meditation and the universal energy. I LOVE him. Watch this:

Russell Brand shares truth in his own verbose and intense style


  1. Gotta love Russell! Thanks for the link.

  2. Hope a second day of yoga left you feeling better :)