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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Who's Who in the Sherlock Holmes Tarot

Ragged Poet asks who is who in the Sherlock Holmes Tarot majors. I am of two minds about revealing--I loved not knowing until I opened the book. But you might want to know a few key cards so I have decided to reveal some of them.

Sherlock Holmes - Magician
Dr Watson - Strength
Professor Moriarity - Devil
Mrs Hudson - Temperance

None of the traditional names appear on any of the majors, just the numbers.

The court cards have traditional meanings but have been changed as well:

Baker Street Irregulars (the street urchins Sherlock pays for information and errands)- Pages
Peelers (also known as bobbies) - Knights
Ladies (women who hire Sherlock) - Queens
Inspectors (Scotland Yard / CID) - Kings

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