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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Above and Below Lenormand Reading

In her book 'The Complete Lenormand Handbook', Caitlin Matthews describes a spread she calls 'Above and Below.' The first line describes the situation and the second line suggests ways of dealing with it. After reading those two lines of three, we then can examine vertical attendance, cornering, knighting, and v-shaped triplets, as we wish. 

Enchanted Lenormand, Caitlin Matthews (Watkins 2013)
I asked about this Bank Holiday weekend.

Line 1: Broom + Snake + Tree (Jack of Spades + Queen of Clubs + 7 of Hearts) 
Discord + complications + health ('unrestrained, speaks mind regardless of results' + 'woman demanding of her own way'  + home, emotion, love, growth, trust, encouragement)

'Discord and complications caused by troublesome woman in a health matter.'

Line 2: Stars + Man + Dog (6 of Hearts + King of Hearts + 10 of Hearts) 
Guidance + Man + Friend (all cards of Hearts suit, meaning home, emotion, love, growth, trust, encouragement)

'The man being his own guide leads to friendship.'

Vertical pairs: Broom + Stars, Snake + Man, Tree + Dog
In vertical attendance, the card on top influences the card below. Coaching. Bossy woman/complications affect man. Health friend (doctor or advisor).

Arrows: Broom + Man + Tree, Stars + Snake + Dog
Repeated health issue affects man. Guidance annoys friend.

Cornering: Broom + Dog, Tree + Stars
Trouble with a friend. Medical treatment.

The Bank Holiday weekend did actually start out last night with discord initiated by me about a health matter. I did in fact speak my mind without considering the results, dictated what I thought ought to be done, about a health matter.

The suggested action is that I should leave it alone and let him do what he wants about the health matter and the atmosphere in our home will return to harmony. Also, I see the Dog as faithfulness, so it could be saying to have some faith in the man's judgement.

I might think I'm coaching or guiding, but in fact I'm annoying the man and should leave it to the experts.

The man is having recurring health problems, and this is a cause for concern, I can help him more by being supportive than by trying to force him into action.


  1. A very appropriate reading. Good luck just acting as a friend, without butting in :)