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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Daily Draw with the Mosaic Dream Tarot

Mosaic Dream Tarot by Bridgett Trejo, 2014  
Do this: 9 of Wands
Today I will have to go back to the drawing board with something, but I also need to remember that the hardest part of the battle is over. The resolution is nearly there and I should persevere. I must look to my strengths (9 of Wands is known as Lord of Strength) to assist me.

Don't do this: King of Swords
Today I must avoid being too coldly logical and expedient. The King of Swords would sacrifice himself or others to do what's 'right', but this is not the day for that.

Outcome: Fool 
If I am willing to do the painful work of a do-over, and I don't stick doggedly to what appears to me to be the best and simplest way (regardless of people's feelings about it), then unexpected solutions, cooperation and vistas will open up.

All good news. In actual fact, I am having to go back to the drawing board with something at work today. I've got a meeting to discuss it. No matter how hard-nosed I feel about it, I must not let that overshadow proceedings. I should dig deep and find my more subtle strengths of empathy and compromise.


  1. Hope the meeting went well and you got some new insights for the do-over 😃

    1. The 121 was not helpful; the person I met with did not want to commit to helping, but nevertheless a way forward is taking shape.

    2. Shame it wasn't helpful, but glad that something is happening! :)