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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Job grand tableau

I'm doing a Grand Tableau specifically to examine this job interview on Wednesday and how it might affect my life. Will I I get the job? Will my life change? Time to take a look.

The first three cards are Scythe - Woman - Clover. Something will come to an abrupt end for me but that will be a good thing.

The four corners Scythe - Clouds - Letter - Book. Confusion comes to an abrupt end when a letter (email or other message) reveals a secret. The outcome of my interview will seem unclear to me until I get word of it. In other words, I won't be able to tell on the day how I've done. It could also be that the interview panel have a tough time making the decision and need to scrupulously look at the scoring to determine the successful candidate. Looks like it might be a tight race.

The cards near me are Scythe, Clover, Coffin, Rider, Lilies. Man, Child, Moon, Anchor, Stars, Snake. All these cards are about endings and beginnings, hopes, stability, complications to be worked out. These are the sorts of things that one would expect to be surrounding me when going for a new job. I think it's a good sign that they are near me.

The cards near Clouds (which is far from me) are Heart, Ship, Dog, Path, Birds, Key, Flowers, Tree. Clouds is about as far from as you can get, and the cards of love, movement, loyalty, choices, gifts and health are around it. This might sound odd, but given that the Clouds is so far from me, I take that to mean that I DON'T have to worry about anything bad in these areas. Traditionally, if Tree and Birds are far from you, they denote good health and a prosperous journey. Given that the topic of this spread is specifically a job interview and its outcome, I believe this means these areas will not be adversely affected by whatever happens.

Scythe and Coffin are to my left, so their effect is weakened. Coffin is not only to my left but below me, so its effects are more weakened. I don't need to worry that this abrupt ending, whatever it may be, is horrible. Plus, with Coffin - Rider, I see this as being the cost of commuting if I'm successful. I'm at the top of the spread, so I am in a very strong position. This bodes well for me, I believe. Top of the heap?

In the centre of the spread, we have Child - Ring - Moon - House. A new work contract and work base? Could be!

The last row of four: Storks - Mountain - Fish - Whips. Change blocked by money troubles. The biggest obstacle to change is financial and this is a repeated worry or concern. It occurs to me there might be some trouble in payroll, pensions, or my own personal financial situation.

The chain from me to work (Moon) is Lilies. I am seeing this as my customer service skills and staff training skills being key to my getting the job. Lilies is associated with calm, mentoring, and even social work. I should bring out my skills in these areas to make a good impression.

In summary, most of what I've already come to believe about this job has been reflected in this grand tableau. I might get it, I might not. If I don't get it, I'll still feel fine. If I do get it, I will probably like it. There will be big changes to be made, and money will be a concern, of course.

I have to be honest and say, overall I get the impression that the outlook isn't 100% positive for my getting this job. But you never know.


  1. Reading the chain starting from the Moon, as you use that as your work card, is interesting, going via Clouds, Tower, Anchor, Storks, Snake, Sun, Dog, Stars, Garden. It agrees with your interpretation of there being some uncertainty around getting the position, and that progress may be a winding path, but highlights success through dedication and focusing on the guidance you can provide to the public and the team :)

    1. I'm having trouble following your chain. Wish you were here to point it out to me. (You know how easily confused I am by this sort of thing.)

    2. Ha ha, it's possibly not that much clearer even with a visual. I'll email it to you, but it is quite a long chain :)