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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lennie and Tarot this time

Postmark Lenormand by Melissa Hill, 2011
What a happy looking draw this is today from the Postmark Lenormand by Melissa Hill. I have drawn Sun + Hearts + Stork. That's three red cards, so today gets a big fat YES. I'm not surprised since I get to come home at 12:30 today (my time back for working Sunday). The Hearts suit is the suit of home, so that makes sense, too, as I have no plans to do anything this afternoon other than go to the doctor to get this mole or whatever it is seen about. The Storks card stands for 'improvement and upturn in health problems' (Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards, Boroveshengra, page 69), and together with Sun and Heart, this could augur a good outcome from the doctor visit.

My heart feels lighter today because of yesterday's talk with the Queen of Hearts. I feel some things that were hidden in my heart have had some light shed on them, illuminating them to myself. I really should sit down and get them on paper before I forget some of the insights I had during our conversation.

This combination of cards suggests that I have new clarity within myself to help with the changes that I know will continue to challenge me. I think Sun + Heart can also mean confidence or doughtiness.

What does the tarot offer as a comment on this draw? 

Tarot de St Croix, Devera 2013
Three of Wands from Tarot de St Croix -- I checked the guidebook just out of curiosity. It says:

'Visionary leadership will see a project flourish.'

So how do you like them apples? Certainly confirms the Lenormand draw and my view of it. How cool is that.

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  1. Wow, those are some lovely cards! Good luck with the doctor, and I hope you enjoy some mellow time at home, with happy emotions. And a flourishing project, hmm, can't wait to see what you come up with :D