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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lenormand gives health advice

Today I woke up feeling terribly stiff in my back. It was almost like my spine felt impacted from gravity. I got up and cripped around and decided to pull some cards asking about my day. I used Bridgett Trejo's Renaissance Lenormand 

I spotted the Tree instantly for health, then realised that Tower is associated with spine. So! For a healthy spine...money? No...go with the flow...of what? Luck? No...go with the flow of guidance from...home? Huh? But then House can also refer to the bones and skeleton, so...

For a healthy spine, go with the flow of the guidance of your skeleton.

So, I took that to mean, just move around gently, doing what feels right. So I did a little flexing, a little bending, and my back didn't hurt for the rest of the day. 

I do, however, take it as a warning that a little more movement may be in order, so I'm thinking...yoga? It's been AGES. I will have a go tomorrow morning, as it's now nearly 10 pm and I do not feel inclined to do any yoga at this hour. 

It's unusual for me to get a specific health message, but I must admit it was foremost in my mind this morning when I drew. Interesting. 


  1. Yep, I was thinking "movement" for the Fish. Hubby and I were so much fitter when we did Tai Chi. No room in this house for a "set", though, and I'm not doing it in our overlooked garden.

    1. Aww, why not? Tai chi is so cool looking. People will think you're awesome. If I knew tai chi and had a garden, I would totally do tai chi in the garden.

  2. Do you like swimming? Glad to hear your back stopped hurting you. Tai Chi is great! :D