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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Stars + Tree + Paths

ASS Lenormand
Today's draw is Stars + Tree + Paths. I just happen to know what this is likely to be about. I have this spot on an area of my skin for quite some time and it has been itching and bothering me for some time, so last night, I made an appointment online to see the doctor this week to have it checked out.

The Tree card is there, which is mostly associated with health, so that triggers me to check out the health association of the cards near it. Stars is the card for Skin. According to Andy Boroveshengra, 'Paths is a card that mitigates the tree, indicating that treatment and solutions will be found' (Lenormand Thirty-Six Cards, p 79).

Stars = skin
Tree = health, also longstanding or lengthy
Path = decision (or mitigator of Tree card)

So, 'I made a decision about dealing with my longstanding skin ailment.'

How could this pertain to today, rather than reflecting what happened last night? Maybe I will need to make a decision today about something long-term.

I will report back in the PM with anything that fulfilled these cards (or not).

ETA: Nothing happened today that seemed to me to fulfill these cards. Oh well! Can't hit it every day.

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  1. Good luck!! I hope it isn't anything to worry you. xo