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Monday, 24 August 2015

Tower + Garden + Book

Midnight Madness Lenormand by Bridgett Trejo
This is three days in a row I've drawn Tower from three different decks. Interesting.

Here we have Tower + Garden + Book. Not a big mystery there. I'm going to work to help the public find books and information. :)

I'll check in later to report on what else popped up to fulfill the cards. It could be that at work we have a good conversation about books. Or I might learn a 'secret' about work. (Could Garden + Book = information being revealed to the public?)

We shall see.

ETA -- Everything was fine today. I worked the frontline a lot more than usual, so I guess that's where Garden came into it. :)


  1. although I feel a bit overwhelmed by tarot lately I do enjoy reading/practicing with this little deck of cards and asking it all kinds of day to day, down to earth questions like if my bread in my new baking machine will turn out okay
    Wishing you a good day at work!

    1. Thank you, Ellen. I hope you feel better soon. I took a very long hiatus from my blog as you know, and had a crisis of my spirituality and card reading as well. Big hugs to you. x

  2. There couldn't be a better set of Lennies for the library - public book institution :D Perhaps talking about the sense of community in a book institution: is this the workplace where you get on better?