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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wake up, close mouth, enjoy the day for what it is

Llewellyn Tarot, Anna-Marie Ferguson
The Judgement card in the Llewellyn Tarot, which is based on Welsh mythology, depicts the 'Snowdon Sleepers'. The legend holds that Arthur's battle with Mordred took place in the shadow of Snowdon, and that when he was wounded, his knights carried him to a cave where they sleep on, waiting for the time when the horn will be sounded three times, and they will rise again. It does look like someone is about to blow the horn.

This is slightly different from the traditional RWS image, in which the horn has already been sounded and the dead are rising from their tombs.

What horn has been sounded, or is about to be sounded, in my life today? What am I waking up to, or about to be waking up to?

Let's see what Lenormand can tell me. I'm using the TABI Lenormand to answer the above question with a 3-card draw:

TABI Lenormand
And I've drawn Woman + Snake + Flowers. The TABI Lenormand does not include playing card insets, but I recall that Woman is Ace of Spades, Snake is Queen of Clubs and Flowers is Queen of Spades.

Woman + Snake + Flowers = 

Woman complicates gift.
Woman complicates etiquette/good manners.
Woman hurts on a personal level self image.

Ace of Spades + Queen of Clubs + Queen of Spades =

All black cards = negativity
Two black queens = gossip (source Caitlin Matthews 'Complete Lenormand Handbook')

Today I will have opportunities to wake up to the ways in which I overthink or over-complicate what is really a good thing, often through my words. I will have the chance to realise how my behaviour and words can hurt on a personal level, both myself and others. I would do well to wake up to good manners and appreciate my gifts instead of looking for things to criticize about myself, my life, and others.

This is a daily draw, so these things will be very subtle, but just the turn of a phrase or a random thought can make a big difference.


  1. Love your reading of these, I can really see how recognising the strengths and weaknesses in your communication could feed into upping your manners :) I might read this as a woman needing clear boundaries to giving... :)

    1. Or needing to know the difference between giving and imposing! :)