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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Wings of Change Elemental Spread

Wings of Change Lenormand, Chloe McCracken 2015
For the new moon, I've chosen to try the Elemental Spread from Chloe's Wings of Change Lenormand. I've placed the element cards in the positions shone on the sample spread: top Air, right Fire, bottom Water, left earth. Then overlapping these elemental cards (because my table is too small!), I've put the line of three for each element.

Here are my first impressions:

Air: What needs clarity -- Anchor + Ring + Scythe 
I need clarity on the ending of a long-term commitment. The first thing that comes to mind is my veganism. I haven't eaten a vegan diet in a long time. Do I start transitioning back to meat? Or do a lacto-ovo diet?

Fire: What needs enthusiasm -- Coffin + Clouds + Clover 
I need enthusiasm for the lifting of depression, awakening from a long funk, as it were.

Water: What needs emotion -- Flowers + Sun + Stork
I need a change in emotion toward invitations and gifts. Perhaps this means I need to issue invitations to people, and the next invitation I get, I should not say no to, even if it means a change in my usual routine.

Earth: What needs some practical attention -- Key + Woman + Lily 
An important, patient older woman needs some practical attention. I should probably phone my mother more this month.

I may add more to this reading over the coming lunation, as it is meant to apply to the whole of it.


  1. Interesting spread. I must confess, I haven't used any of the spreads for this deck yet. But I do use the cards often because they are so pretty. Call your mother, or send her a card. Life is short, and we don't do well when forced to live in regret. ;)

  2. With the Clover in that Fire line, I see it saying getting out of that funk may happen in small steps. The Water line really adds to that - change through seeing the gifts life offers you: where you focus your energy is what you feed in your life :)