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Monday, 9 May 2016

When emotions cloud the issue: the Lovers

Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

The guidebook suggests these lovers are conjoined at the shoulder and chest, but I don't think they look any more conjoined than the male in the image looks armless -- I just thought the female's arm was tucked behind her. However, a lot is made of this 'conjoined' element in the text, so the artist must think it's really important.

To me, the conjoined element points to enmeshment, not in personal relationships for me at this moment, but in other kinds of emotions. Because Lovers also points to choices, and you know what I've been thinking about a lot lately. This Lovers card seems to warn against lack of boundaries and logic in choice making. Who is that sinister figure looming while the lovers remain distracted by their emotions?

It's no secret that I am involved in magical practice, and lately I've been asking my like-minded friends to contribute energy to my house search. Twice now I've found places I've been interested in, and have sent out a call for energy. Most of my friends offer it without hesitation, but last night I asked my niece, who has been practising magic a lot longer than I have, and she said something that brought me up short: 'Do you love this house or are you settling?' Whoa. I said I like the photos but haven't seen the house yet. She said go see it and talk to her again. 'I would 100% give my energy, but you need to feel your own first.' I told her yes, but that this house coming up right now seems portentous, because just Friday night we went for a walk on that street and I had wished for a house to come up on that street, and on Saturday morning the listing appeared! She was not impressed. 'Understood, but you haven't been in the space yet. Wishes are all fine and good, but sometimes...not so much. You need to cleanse and open channels and walk the space. Those of us that use our feelings or other parts of the mind are often susceptible to being pulled in to unhealthy situations. Do not jump before you think.' So I asked her what I should look for. 'It's not about looking for problems,' she said, 'It's about walking the space with an open mind -- shields and guards up of course -- but feel, and trust your gut. If anything feels off, not good. Just let go of any want for the house. If you walk in with expectations, that is not good. Be clinical. Not personal. Meditate and cleanse your mind before you go. Then let me know.' Now that right there is discernment and wisdom, folks. So the viewing is tomorrow night and tonight it's a cleansing ritual.

Anyway, so that's what the Lovers means to me today. Choices about enmeshment in my desire to own a house. Today is the day to separate my emotions and fears and baggage from logic. I had resolved to be logical in my house search, but in spite of myself I find myself setting my heart (somewhat) on something far before it's time to get emotionally involved, and sending out calls for support far before it's time for even me to commit to any sort of intention. That enmeshment in the process has to stop. Yes, the housing market is brutal and if you hesitate you lose out on a property. So be it. So be it.


  1. This sounds a lot like a found my house 18 years ago. The minute after I entered it I fel at home. So much had to be done, the garden was a mess but I was home and I still am.
    I wish you all the best tomorrow and My prayers will be with you: not for getting the house but for making the right choice

  2. It's tough, when you're so enthusiastic about something, not to get attached to the outcome. Still, sounds like very good advice from your niece! Good luck with it :)