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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Big change - what now?

You guys, I've deactivated my Facebook account! It's not the first time I've done it. A hiatus from Facebook for me usually lasts about a year. Then when I go back on, slowly but surely, I spend more and more time on there until I realise it's taking up nearly all my free time, and so I deactivate. I deleted the account once and stayed off for a couple of years. I might do that this time, too.

Thought I'd do a read about it:

What am I leaving behind (or what do I think I've left behind)?
What am I really leaving behind?
What are the three choices ahead of me, my 'points of power'?

(Spread was found here. Sorry, I don't know anything about this site; stumbled upon by googling 'spread for a big change.')

Tarot de St Croix, Lisa de St Croix, Devera 2013
By deactivating my Facebook account I 'think' I've left behind Ace of Wands -- a source of inspiration, a place where I can make a difference. I was all into political stories and memes and petitions and so on, there. In addition to my kitten videos.

But what I'm really leaving behind is the Emperor -- Good lord, could I really have been 'working for the man' by using Facebook? I guess I was, really. I mean, I know Facebook saves everything about me, and alarming connections are made, like if I browse an item on Amazon or elsewhere, ads for it turn up on my FB feed or in the sidebars. There are even scarier ways Facebook (and Google, but one thing at a time, people) control and track us, that I don't even know about. So that's what I'm really leaving behind.

Now, what are my power points? Six of Swords, Four of Wands and Queen of Cups. Just for kicks, I'll string together the interpretation suggested in the Tarot de St Croix LWB:

I'm led 'out of the dark dungeons of my mind' and find my power through 'creating ritual and space' where I 'accept the flow of all emotions.' Once again I have a powerful card about capturing living water. I also like that the LWB describes it as 'flow'. Actually, these are the exact reasons I wanted to free up time by leaving FB.

Another thing I like about these power cards is how they are all facing to the left -- in opposition to the Emperor, who seems to be trying to point them toward the right. F*** you, Emperor! Not only are we going the opposite direction, we're ready to crash right into you in a clash of wills -- or fight for our souls, perhaps! We are gonna do what we want without your input. (Also -- see how the wand is pointing in the same direction the power cards are going? I thought I was going that way but I wasn't!)

That's 'now what'!


  1. I love it! This is a great spread, which I am going to have to bookmark (not sure what change I want to make yet). And I love your interpretation of the cards, and the view of their directions, too :)

  2. Great reading. I love the use of the "picture" as a whole. And nice spread, too. Thanks for that.

    I've put my Facebook activity on hold apart from checking in occasionally with the groups I admin. Not the first time I've done this, and each time it's still a challenge to stay away but it gets easier and easier as the days go by. :) I usually start out replacing FB time with a bit of YouTube and Instagram bingeing, but once I begin notice how much more time I have for other things, even that settles down.

    "Flow" is my assigned (it chose me, I feel) word for 2017. Here's to our Flowing!

    1. PS. I didn't get an email notification of this or your next two posts, but I did get today's (11/1). Blip? Or problem that was fixed? (Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan; I don't like missing your stuff. ;) )

    2. My word is 'exhilaration' and one of my supporting words is 'flow'. I have no idea about the email notifications...I didn't even know people got one! (I didn't know I had any fans either. Fancy that! I'll be getting the big head next. x)