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Monday, 2 January 2017

Lenormand Well-Being Spread

Another well-being spread from Chloe McCracken at Inner Whispers. (You can get the document free at Inner Whispers: Welcoming Wellness in 2017).

The heart of the matter is Rider, a card that to me means exercise and athleticism. Well, it's been a long time since I had either of those!

Things I've been dealing with: finding the solution to my blockages to exercise and fitness, and drinking more water for overall good health.

Current situation: Birds + Rider + Tree. Many messages about health. True. I have been thinking quite a lot about wellness in the new year. Tis the season! Using Chloe's health meanings, it pretty much looks walking is the way to go right now.

Past situation: Key + Mice + Clover. Motivation came from nervous fear. That's true. I was afraid to skip workouts because I was afraid if I missed a few I'd just never work out again. I was correct in this. Using Chloe's health meanings, I was lucky I managed to get enough nutrients and trace minerals. Possibly true. I was eating a very strict vegan diet.

Future situation: Fish + Snake + Mountain. Blocked by financial concerns. Oh great. I do not want to even follow that thread any further! If we use Chloe's health interpretations, it is saying I won't recognise the block created by not drinking enough water.

How is my physical reality affecting my well-being? Clover + Tree + Mountain. My luck in enjoying relatively good health is creating complacency so that I don't notice the low-level lack of wellness that leads to some of my small chronic complaints and general reluctance to move.

How are my thoughts affecting my well-being? I think I have it all figured out and just need to do it. This is probably holding me back from looking at who and where I am right now. I have talked about this a lot as being the key. I also hold onto the thought that there's plenty of time, thus I am more or less stuck.

Advised action to bring forward momentum: Birds + Mice + Rider + Snake + Tree. Stress and anxiety eat away at forward momentum and lead to an ill woman. Well, I guess that's a hint not to let stress and anxiety cause me to be an ill woman. In other words, be motivated by the prophylactic value of actively pursuing wellness. But how is this an action? What action do I most need to bring forward momentum? I'll try an oracle, The Secret Language of Colour:

'Blue activates healing powers, increases vitality, and has a calming effect when people feel nervous, manic or overexcited. Use the blue sword of light to assist you in healing your body.'

The nervous aspect is addressed in this card. I suppose that's what I should focus on. Calming and healing. So, frenetic activity, HIIT, intense cardio, that sort of thing is not right at the moment. Action that is calming and healing is what is needed. Right.


  1. Sounds like some kundalini (or really any kind of) yoga is in your future :) And rebounding isn't frenetic ;)

    1. It isn't, but it's not going to happen any time soon either. I am wary of rebounding on my suspended wooden floors. It will be a garden activity come spring. :)

    2. At least you're back with some yoga :) It's funny, I was just recently thinking about how rarely I practise yoga during the winter. I kind of wish I did it more, but I always like something to really warm me through in the winter!